RBOS Audio has been operating for over 20 years in the Philadelphia area.  We provide Mastering andMixing services for Artists, Producers, Bands and Record Labels.  Our extensive catalog includes work in many areas of the music industry from classical and jazz mixes and masters to hiphop mixtapes and more.


“RBOS Audio does the mastering for all our releases for a reason. They’re efficient and really know their craftsmanship.  The result is always top-drawer!” — Lotss Records (Stockholm, Sweden)


“We have been sending our projects to RBOS Audio for Mastering since 2008.  Since we have a wide variety of clients spanning many genres, versatility is very valuable.  RBOS Audio has always delivered top notch mastering no matter what type of music we send.  I can confidently tell any and all of our clients that their project is in excellent hands; I recommend RBOS Audio to all of our clients for mastering.” — Kawari Sound Recording Studio (Jenkintown PA)


RBOS Audio is a Starkville Symphony Inc. Company.